LED-towers and demanding exhibition construction

A testament to technical precision

K, Düsseldorf
728 m²

We crafted a sharp-edged stand design with an upper floor extending far to the side, a demanding construction challenge.

The fully covered trapezoidal LED tower and 14 air-conditioned meeting rooms exemplify our technical precision.

As you can see in the pictures, the design called for a sharp-edged stand, including an upper floor that extended far to the side. Crafting this exacting design, particularly in ensuring that it tapered to a precise point without visible seams, was a complex task that not everyone can accomplish.

One of the standout features was the fully covered trapezoidal LED tower on the left side. Coordinating the illumination on all four sides and managing translucent fabrics to ensure their smooth and unwrinkled appearance posed significant challenges. But these challenges were met with the spirit and expertise that are hallmarks of our work.

The project also included the construction of 14 fully air-conditioned meeting rooms on the lower floor. A highlight certainly was the furniture: it took advantage of LED lighting from below and to be honest, this was some serious high-end furniture construction!

Carefully designed forms at the ceiling added to the visual appeal, along with blue lines and shadow shapes that visually shaped the stand, bringing coherence and a sense of movement to the design. These demanded great attention to detail, which is a huge factor how the visitors will perceive the overall concept.

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