Exhibition stand construction: Pavilion with 3-dimensional front

Fabric facade with LED

CES Las Vegas / ESC Amsterdam
1.000 m²

The pavilion featured a front designed in three dimensions – with a LED screen at an angle.

Not only did the screen present unique challenges, but the inside lighting concept as well.

The project was a blend of intricate technical execution and a careful balance between creating a vibe of cutting-edge technology and a comfortable business lounge setting.

3D fabric facade and LED screen: The pavilion's 3D facade covered entirely with fabric required meticulous work, reflecting a close collaboration between our technicians and the design team. The unique facade was complemented by an LED screen mounted over an angle, adding to the technical challenges of the project.

Indoor technology and comfort: Inside the pavilion, our role was to implement an array of touchscreens, displays, and projections. The atmosphere aimed to be technologically advanced, but we also had to make sure it transitioned smoothly into a warm and inviting business lounge. The success lay in the exact execution of the lighting concept, including the installment and alignment of the lights, and ensuring that nothing interfered with the color scheme. Our team generally handles all the wiring.

Outdoor resilience: The outdoor portion of the pavilion was designed to be completely weather-resistant. This included constructing a private terrace and developing a professional drainage system to collect rainwater.

By delivering a cohesive space that seamlessly blends innovation and comfort, we demonstrate our ability to bring the designers' visions to life.

Unique fabric facade with an LED screen mounted at an angle

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