Large-scale exhibition stand construction

Perfect logistics and a huge sliding door

MWC, Barcelona
4.500 m²

Execution of a complex 4,500 m² trade fair stand involving complex logistics and collaborations

Including pre-assembly of large parts, precise coordination of truck unloading and sophisticated on-site assembly

The construction of this 4,500 m² trade fair stand was an exemplary project that showcased our technical expertise and attention to detail. Key aspects of the project included:

Collaboration and coordination: A team of four was specifically designated to ensure the proper unloading of trucks, taking care to avoid any errors in sequencing, a task that required not only sharp minds, but running up to 25km a day! We also collaborated with a Spanish fair builder for the execution of the meeting rooms.

Assembly and fabrication: Special attention was paid to the installation of cross-joints, an operation known to be prone to complications. The cladding of the glass enclosure was pre-fabricated using CNC, demanding an extremely high level of precision. The degree of pre-fabrication had to be very high for this project, and all the elements had to fit perfectly upon arrival.

Architectural challenges: The stand featured a round free-standing building, presenting structural difficulties that had to be solved, especially in light of a big round sliding door and a lounge located above it that required additional structural considerations. The doors had to function smoothly, even with many people on top, which meant we had to build with utmost precision. The sliding door could be closed to showcase a particular product during special occasions. We were also responsible for providing lounge furniture.

Environmental Responsibility: Instead of using plastic plants, we opted for rented plants, emphasizing sustainability by ensuring that they were not discarded after use.

Our commitment to precision, thoughtful logistics, collaboration, and environmental responsibility, coupled with our ability to meet structural and design challenges, were the key factors that defined the success of this large-scale project.

Welcome: setting the stage with a sophisticated light installation.

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